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Domestic Violence Claims in Novi, Milford, Howell, and Brighton

It is horrible being subjected to a relationship which is controlled by a spouse engaging in domestic violence and when one is in this type of relationship they  need the help of professionals  who can help them move on with their life. In Livingston County LACASA is an agency with people who can help you. […]

March 16th, 2012|child custody, child custodyl, domestic violence|

Dan Bain, Novi Owi Attorney

You were  at company function and you had a couple of drinks at the event. You thought you were fine to drive and were on your way home. Suddenly you see the flashing lights of a police car and realize you are being pulled over. You stop.  Next thing you know you are outside of […]

March 13th, 2012|Drunk Driving|

Inheritance claims in a Divorce in Novi, Milford or Brighton

One of the most unpleasant area in a divorce is how to handle a split of an inheritance received by someone in a divorce for reason that the law in this area is not always fair. Usually if a spouse receives an inheritance and is smart enough to keep it in his or her name than that […]

March 1st, 2012|Divorce, inheritance, property settlement|

Child Custody Rules in Novi, Plymouth, Howell

Child custody is an issue in any divorce that has minor children involved.  The laws regarding child custody are controlled by the state so it does not matter whether you live in Plymouth, Howell, Novi, or any location in any county in Michigan as the rules regarding custody and parenting time are statewide and not by […]

Michigan Spousal Support

Alimony has been replaced by the phrase spousal support. There are certain factors that need to be examined in determining if a case is of such a nature that spousal support should be awarded. The factors are as follows: 1) Past relations and conduct of the parties 2) Length of the marriage 3) Parties ability […]

February 17th, 2012|alimony, Divorce, Spousal Support|

Oakland County, Michigan Custody Issues

When I interview a client with minor children the most important factor in determining the possibility of settlement is the status of custody and parenting time issues.  The further the parties are apart on parenting time and custody the more expensive the cost of the divorce. The best scenario is when both parties agree on […]

Advice to consider when filing a divorce in Novi, Michigan

I have 27 years of experience in the area of Family Law, and at this stage of my career have handled hundreds of divorces.  Usually a divorce is emotionally draining and difficult for all involved but in many cases the parties realize that they want a divorce and to settle as easily as possible with […]

February 3rd, 2012|Child Support and Custody, Divorce|