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Should I leave the marital home before filing for Divorce?

Many times I am asked by people whether they can or should leave the marital home prior to or after filing for divorce. If you have children the answer is almost always no. Many times the spouse will say that they need space, that there should be a temporary separation, or some other reason for […]

October 8th, 2012|child custody, children, domestic violence, Parenting Time|

Child Custody Issues In Howell, Novi, Brighton, Milford, Wixom, South Lyon, Livonia, Plymouth, Farmington Hills, Walled Lake, and Commerce

Over the years I have seen people hurt their ability to obtain custody or be awarded substantial parenting time by moving out of the home where the children live without a court ordered agreement regarding custody and parenting time. Quite frequently they fall into the trap by way of their spouse or significant other requesting that they […]

Domestic Violence Claims in Novi, Milford, Howell, and Brighton

It is horrible being subjected to a relationship which is controlled by a spouse engaging in domestic violence and when one is in this type of relationship they  need the help of professionals  who can help them move on with their life. In Livingston County LACASA is an agency with people who can help you. […]

March 16th, 2012|child custody, child custodyl, domestic violence|